I'm not quite sure how a year got away from me, other than I've just been incredibly busy and 2021 was full of one health concern after another.  Here's hoping this year goes a little more smoothly for our family!

An update on our little Silver Fox kit - he has grown into a lovely bunny and is living his best life at a sweet friend's house - along with another doe from a different litter.  They have almost full-run of a basement; complete with tunnels, a two-story hutch, and lots of toys.  They are S P O I L E D.

Edmund and Lucy - Living their best lives., Feb 2022

Other news around the wee homestead:

- We have learned how to do pottery!  Mostly functional items: mugs, bowls, ornaments, teapots, magnets, ring holders, honey pots, soap dishes, brown sugar savers...  It all began when we found a free kiln and got the idea to make soap dishes to go along with our soaps!  It's a fun hobby and we enjoy it - especially Scott. He made this mug for our Christmas Open House and I promptly claimed it as my own. 

- We will be at the Triple Open rabbit show in Dalton, GA this coming Saturday, March 5!

- Our chickens are giving us many beautifully colored eggs.  They sell pretty fast, but please contact us if you'd like to be added to our list.


- We are seriously considering pulling our homestead page from Facebook due to security issues with one of our personal accounts.  We have a group on MeWe and are also on Instagram, for now.

- Look for us at the Jasper Georgia Farmers Market, Saturday mornings beginning in April!  We plan to be there with soaps, salves, pottery, elderberry syrup kits, plant starts - and who knows what else.  I'm sure things will evolve as we go.  

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Until next time,