It's February 1st!  And I didn't get my January orchard chores done yet.  EEK!

What did we do in January?

- Put syrup and pollen on the bees to get them through to late Feb/early March when the nectar flow will begin.

- Started building out shelves in the greenhouse - hope to finish this week.

- Continued pottery classes.  We will get to see our first fired items this Wednesday.  So exciting!! We're also working on some pieces at home so we can do our first bisque firing soon.

- Took LC Prince to the Georgia State Convention.  He took 4th in fur but didn't place in the top 5 in his age category.  The judges all said he was a nice rabbit, there were just nice rabbits there.

- Made multiple batches of soap, including the latest - Georgia Red Clay soap!  It contains red clay and smells like dirt.  Not sure what we were thinking on that one...

- Nellie kindled!  Just one large kit on day 34!  Baby is inside and doing well so far.  It's only a little over 24 hours old at this point.  

- We canned ham and bean soup.

- We picked tomatoes out of the greenhouse.

- We named our new chocolate Silver Fox buck that we will be getting in March - Mr. See, in honor of Charles See, the founder of See's Candy.

So, what's next?

Pruning and treating apple trees.  Pruning and fertilizing all berries (we love Holly Tone!)  Staring seeds - peppers, tomatoes, basil variety packs and other herbs.  Make more soap and some salves.  Can some Christmas Jam - it may not be Christmas, but we have someone asking for it!  Homeschool the kiddos.  Keep everyone fed and wearing mostly clean clothes. 

What's on your calendar for February?