Saturday, April 23 2022

Our first time at the Jasper Farmer's Market!

We planned to make it the past two weeks, but one week Scott was sick and last week there was a huge thunderstorm with lightning when it was time to head out, so today was our first day as vendors!

We had pottery, honey, eggs, soap, elderberry syrup kits, salves, mangesium oil spray, sugar scrub, tea, freeze-dried candy, and little-girl-made peanutbutter-pinecone bird feeders!  Everyone there was very nice and the other vendors were super helpful.

We received a lot of good input and several suggestions for pottery items, so we're going to be working on some of those things this week.  We're looking forward to next week and hope to see you there!



Monday, February 28 2022

Already 2 months into the New Year...

Edmund and Lucy - Living their best lives., Feb 2022

I'm not quite sure how a year got away from me, other than I've just been incredibly busy and 2021 was full of one health concern after another.  Here's hoping this year goes a little more smoothly for our family! An update on our little Silver Fox kit - he has grown into a lovely bunny and is  […]

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Saturday, February 6 2021

Our little Silver Fox kit

RR Nellie kindled on Sunday with a singleton. Because mama rabbits only visit the nest twice a day to feed for a brief period of time, kits require the body heat of littermates to stay warm.  Our little one has no siblings to snuggle with, so it is being kept in the house in an incubator.  Mama  […]

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Sunday, January 17 2021

Find our products at Red Bean Harvest!

redbeanharvest.jpg, Jan 2021

Our coffee scrub and coffee soap are now available locally at Red Bean Harvest Coffee Roasters in Jasper! Red Bean Harvest Coffee Roasters 313 Jonah Lane, Suite D Jasper, GA 30143 Stop in and have a yummy specialty coffee, grab a pound of coffee (our favorite is the 515 blend!), and don't forget to  […]

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Happenings on the Homestead

It's February 1st!  And I didn't get my January orchard chores done yet.  EEK! What did we do in January? - Put syrup and pollen on the bees to get them through to late Feb/early March when the nectar flow will begin. - Started building out shelves in the greenhouse - hope to finish this week. -  […]

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Sunday, January 10 2021

How I got past the lye...

My interest in soapmaking began when I received a little book on making bath products as a gift.  My sister-in-law and I contemplated making bath oils, bath bombs, soap, and candles.  I bought a kit and made a few votive candles and we mixed up a batch of bath bombs (that bombed literally as they  […]

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Friday, January 8 2021

Welcome to our new blog!

essentialoils.jpg, Jan 2021

After a couple of days of struggle, I think our website is finally coming together!  Please bear with us as we work out the kinks.  It's been a decade or so since I've designed a new website.  After trying multiple apps, I ended up deleting all of them and going back to what I know - MS Expression.  […]

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